Avi Nahum

Avi Nahum

Executive Director, Member of Steering Committee & Investment Committee

Having lived in Latin America for many years, Avi Nahum has in-depth, multi-cultural experience and understanding of Latin America, North America and Israel.

Avi has been one of the first Independent Financial Planners in the group. Throughout the years he spearheaded Business Development for Latin America, and today also coaches and supports other Independent Wealth Planners in the group.

Instrumental in the group’s growth in Latin America, as well as initiating joint-venture projects with local investment institutions in several countries, Avi functions as an Executive Director and member of the group’s Steering Committee and Investment Committee.

Avi attended the MBA program on Wealth Management at Carnegie Mellon and continues his professional development through numerous prestigious investments and wealth management programs at Harvard, Stanford and University of California at Berkeley.

Contact information:
Telephone (in Israel): +972-9-9611301
Cell phone (abroad): +1-786-282-1888