Portfolio Management

A variety of customized financial services to clients around the world

An investment portfolio is an efficient financial solution for handling your money, particularly in a low interest environment. Pioneer's Portfolio Management Service – whether in shekels or in foreign currency – is unique. Since we don't have any "in-house products", such as funds, we can use any instrument we consider suitable for you. In addition, your managed portfolio is individually and optimally tailored to your needs and risk profile. We receive our management fee solely from you, so that you benefit from an objective service with no conflicts of interest.

Pioneer Wealth Management has over 30 years of experience in the global markets, and is licensed in several countries, such as Israel, South Africa, the United States and Canada. This experience contributes to the creation of our long-term and well-established relationships with leading financial institutions and banks in Israel and worldwide. Our economies of scale enable us, among other things, to reduce your costs, and provide exposure to a wide range of investment solutions that the average investor is not usually aware of.

The Pioneer Investment Research department works in a structured and orderly way when examining new investment options and when monitoring and supervising existing investments. We believe that optimal asset allocation and careful diversification are crucial for risk management, which in turn improves returns. These management principles also contribute to making the portfolio ready for and resistant to extreme and unexpected volatility in the markets.

Among the many benefits of Pioneer's portfolio management service:

  • Objective service, with no conflict of interests
  • Attractive, fully transparent costs
  • Multi-currency management option - shekels and/or foreign currency
  • A variety of verified investment solutions
  • Risk management and personal customization
  • Supervision and control, including adjustments to your changing needs and market conditions.