Our Services

A variety of customized financial services to clients around the world

  • Holistic Financial Planning

    When we meet with new clients they often express concern that past investment experts took their needs for granted and that they were not properly informed about the wealth management process.

    As a result, Pioneer takes great care in establishing the right foundation for building a long-term, successful relationship with you. Trust and candor are an integral part of this. Our job is to guide you through the process and ensure your understanding of it, so that you can make informed decisions and maintain the control you need, for today and for the future.

    The first step toward meeting your financial goals is understanding what they are, and in some cases, what they should be. Together, we will complete a financial profile for you and your family to determine your tolerance for risk, in addition to examining your family’s short, medium, and long term needs. Once both you and Pioneer have an in-depth understanding of your objectives and goals, we can begin to discuss an investment plan and holistic wealth management program to achieve those goals.

    What you can expect:

    • Comprehensive analysis of your existing portfolio
    • In-depth financial needs analysis and risk profile
    • Asset allocation and proposal recommendation
    • Portfolio implementation
    • Portfolio monitoring and realignment
    • Consolidated quarterly reporting
    • Estate & Tax planning via external international experts

    For our clients resident in Israel who are interested in Global investments, we provide the Global Wealth Management Service. This service offers the benefits of diversification for smaller portfolios.

  • Global and/or Shekel Portfolio Management

    Private banking, personal attention, and boutique service are not necessarily the norm for today’s investor. The vast majority of investors rarely derive the full benefits of these services.

    With investment minimums for global portfolios at levels that only a few can afford, the elite private banking platforms remain out of reach even for those with considerable assets. Nowadays an investor looking to invest in the global markets can do so only if he has considerable wealth or alternatively invests in a local Mutual Fund (with a global asset allocation) that charges usually very high fees.

    Pioneer Financial Planning (92) Ltd. has leveraged its economies of scale and relationships to give you access to the world’s premier private banking platforms — even if you don’t meet their minimums.The service is based on Pioneer’s investment philosophy principles of asset allocation and diversification, as pillars for effective long-term financial planning.

    In the same way, Pioneer can also manage for you a Shekel portfolio without any conflict of interests as we have no "house product" and our businees model does include any retrocessions, nor front-end commission, nor any transaction fees, nor any mark ups.

    The service core values include:

    • A client centric approach
    • Independence
    • Transparency
    • Trust


  • Private Wealth Management

    Responding to the needs of our high-net-worth clients, Pioneer offers the Private Wealth Planning (PWP) service, which focuses on their unique needs and is supported by experts from many related fields.

    Our strategic alliances with world-class banks and investment platforms allow for various global financial solutions and access to unlimited investment solutions.

    Learn more about our Private Wealth Planning in the following brochure.

  • Family Office

    Comprehensive family wealth planning can be a daunting process. It’s important to consider every aspect of what impacts the family’s wealth management, even those that seem a long way off. Integrating the elements that go into achieving financial control can give families powerful information that serves their financial decision-making.

    Our Multi-Family office services provide families with access to specialized services experts as well as the coordination of these services. We work closely with experts so that the planning and guidance you get is structured, comprehensive and tailored to your personal situation.

    The service includes expert solution in the following areas:

    • Family Governance — For high-net-worth families, or those operating a business concern together, governance is an important issue. It sets up the necessary framework to make decisions and take action that complies with the mission, objectives and values set forth by your family.  Effective family governance allows for the continued and aligned operation of interests and works to eliminate the potential for disruptive discord.
    • Estate and Inheritance Planning — To ensure that your family derives the most benefits possible from the division of assets takes planning and local expertise. The process after the fact can be long and tedious, and not something that loved ones particularly want or should have to deal with. Proactively managing the issue can allow your family to keep what you intended them to have.
    • Tax Planning — Accumulating wealth is only part of the picture. Retaining it and making sure that it’s protected for future generations is another aspect of achieving financial control. Understanding the available tools, laws and platforms that can help protect your family’s assets and ensure their well-being is of utmost importance.
    • Retirement — For many, retirement signifiies a time of freedom and enjoyment. Preplanning for its eventuality allows you to eliminate the worries that can be associated with it, and gives you the ability to do the things you finally have the time for.
  • Strategic Alliances

    • International

      Cantor & Webb
      George D. Perlman
      Brickell Bay Office Tower
      Suite 3112
      1001 Brickell Bay Drive
      Miami, Florida 33131


      Cantor & Webb
      Hal Webb
      1001 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 3112
      Miami, Florida 33131


      Gotlieb & Associates, P.A.
      Ruben N. Gotlieb
      801 Brickell Ave., 9th Floor
      Miami, Florida 33131


      Baker & Mckenzie
      Marnin J. Michaels
      Holbeinstrasse 30
      CH-8034 Zurich

      Jay Rubinstein
      63 Rue du Rhone
      1204 Geneva


      YE Tax
      Tali Yaron-Alder
      Gibor Sport Building, 7 Menachem Begin Road
      Ramat Gan, Israel 5268102

      Adv. Arnon Segev
      Sderot Rothschild 57, 3rd floor
      Tel Aviv, Israel 65785


      Doron Schweppe
      9 Andrei Sakharov St.
      M.T.M. Center
      PO Box 15061
      Haifa, Israel 31905


      2 Weizmann St.
      PO Box 33123
      Tel Aviv, Israel 61330

      US TAX
      Alan Cohen
      4 Berkowitz St., 5th Floor
      Tel Aviv, Israel 64238


      Dr. Rafael Amnon
      3 Daniel Frish st.
      Tel Aviv, Israel 64731

      Adlerstein Consulting
      Jo-Anne Alderstein
      Jerusalem, Israel

    • Israel

      25 Hamered St., Trade Tower
      Tel-Aviv, Israel 68125

      Dov Landsman, CPA
      Amot Bituach House Building B,
      Menachem Begin Road
      Tel Aviv 66180, 


      Shlomo Kenan
      15 Rothschild St.
      Tel Aviv, Israel 66881

      Phillip Stein (US specialist)
      Jerusalem, Israel

    • Sunbelt Israel
      Sunbelt Israel, a representative of Sunbelt International, headed by Joseph Alon, commenced its activities in Israel on May 2013.
      Sunbelt's goal is to connect companies interested in selling or expanding with buyers. Sunbelt provides an overall service for the companies, accompanying every stage of the sale / purchase (preparation for sale, valuation, negotiation, financing, etc.) and help them achieve the best deal in the shortest time.
      Sunbelt works with small and medium sized companies, whose annual turnover is between 5-100 million NIS.

      72 Pinchas Rosen Street
      Tel Aviv 6951294

      Trust Company Ltd

      Fairbairn House, PO Box 192
      Rohais, St Peter Port,
      Guernsey, GY1 3LT


      Citco (Suisse) S.A.
      Corporate and Trust

      Place Longemalle
      11204 Geneva


    • International

      Dr. Marc Silverman
      Family business consultant to various family businesses dealing with issues of succession, corporate and family governance, conflict resolution, as well as developing family offices and sustaining family wealth.

      5900 Collins Avenue, Suite 1401
      Miami Beach, FL 33140


      Dennis T Jaffe (PhD)
      Family business, succession, wealth and philanthropy. Professor of Organizational Systems and Psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco.

      764 Ashbury St.
      San Francisco, CA 94117



      Jacob Laskow - Fides Services
      Treating family wealth professionally like your business. Strategic wealth consulting based on the family's long-term needs. Family business and wealth succession process, including business coaching for the next generation.

      P.O.Box 48436
      Tel-Aviv 61484