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10 Mistakes Investors Make

10 Mistakes Investors Make

Published originally in the Jerusalem Post

Successful investing requires more than just selecting the right asset allocation, so how can you keep your portfolio on track in a volatile market?

It requires avoiding mistakes that can seriously hurt your long-term portfolio growth potential. By simply being aware and avoiding any one (or more) of the common mistakes that investors make, could greatly improve your ability to reach your investment goals.

Q1 2015 Review

Q1 2015 Review

These are historic times in the wealth management business. On the one hand, I am deeply concerned that the low interest rate environment will strain expectations for higher yielding portfolios, but on the other hand, the role of a financial advisor has never been more important. The market situation, as explained in more detail below, is extremely precarious and the value of independent and frank discussions about risk cannot be overstated. This is a not a Pioneer issue – it is a general issue facing the entire money management industry and clients are encouraged to try to understand the challenges, in order to make the appropriate decisions with their financial planners.


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